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Executive Leadership

Miranda Minnix

Miranda Minnix

Senior Vice President
Client Relations

Miranda Minnix is a Senior Vice President at Tall City Title, known for her extensive expertise in the real estate industry. Miranda has a deep-rooted connection with the real estate industry, having grown up in it most of her life. Her career journey began in 2005 when she earned her real estate license and started working in her family business.

With her passion for the industry, Miranda soon established herself as an authority in her field, partnering with multiple title companies across Texas. Her focus has always been on the West Texas region, particularly Lubbock, where she was born. Her astute eye for marketing and her visionary approach have earned her a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the title industry.

Miranda’s leadership skills and dedication to her team and company are unparalleled. Her values, combined with her drive to make her title company a top player in the industry, set her apart from her peers. She is a strong leader who empowers her team to achieve their full potential and to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Miranda Minnix’s unwavering commitment to her team, clients, and the real estate industry at large continues to drive her success as a Senior Vice President. Her passion and dedication have earned her the respect of her colleagues, clients, and competitors alike. Miranda’s innovative and visionary approach, combined with her deep understanding of the industry, ensure that she remains at the forefront of the title company’s success. As she looks towards the future, Miranda’s focus remains on building strong relationships, driving growth, and delivering exceptional results for her team and clients. With Miranda at the helm, the title company is set to continue its remarkable success story for years to come.